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The tryal and conviction of James Augustus Hicky, printer of the Bengal Gazette, before the Supreme Court of Judicature at Calcutta in Bengal.






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  1. Sarah Ambrose
    August 25, 2015

    I was researching an old friend of my mother’s and was led to your website. Daphne Kiernander was a great friend of my mother’s. The met just after WW2 when my mother was a Showgirl in Piccadilly Hayride at the Prince of Wales Theatre. I also remember Daphne’s mother (always just called Mrs Kiernander) who, I believe worked for Spotlight. When Daphne left show business she married Frank Hawkins and later became a director of the fragrance firm, Faberge. I can’t remember the exact year but Daphne died around 16 years ago. She was a lovely, gentle lady who was around for all of my childhood. I have pictures of her with my daughter in around 1994 surrounded by flowers in her beautiful garden. Thank you so much for posting the photographs and information – I have printed them out to show my mother who will be thrilled.
    Best wishes


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